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Personal Services

OBSERVER provides a global view of your resource activity and service delivery.

  • Continuous Time & Attendance

    Continuous unobtrusive monitoring and recording of staff presence at, and between, key locations.

  • Personnel Activity Scheduling

    Static and dynamic personnel activity scheduling based on business-defined rules and system algorithms.

  • Operational Compliance

    Comprehensive, accurate and complete records of competed schedules, checklists and workflows.

  • Health & Safety Compliance

    Checklists and escalation & routing of exceptions completed as part of normal day-to-day activities.

  • Productivity Measurement

    Objectively measure and benchmark personnel performance against service level agreements, track and forecast performance and trends.


OBSERVER Value Proposition in Security Management

  • Advanced patrols scheduling – both static and dynamic patrol routes and schedules using business rules and system parameters

  • Cascading location-triggered checklists covering both operational and health & safety compliance reporting

  • Productivity benchmarking both internally and against industry competitors

  • Effective monitoring of security staff at all levels and in any environment

  • Ensures that all incidents on remotes sites are managed effectively (i.e. panic)

  • Advanced control centre module ensuring that all on-site activities are monitored in real-time

  • Real-time control and information on unlimited number of sites, locations and security personnel

  • User-defined system parameters ensure accurate exception-based monitoring and reporting

  • Customizable tasks and checklist management per security officer

  • Daily. Weekly & Monthly reporting on performance and productivity

  • Business Intelligence

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Email: info@afri-guard.net
Phone: 086 1000 126
Fax: 016 365 5403

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34 Sandsteen Street, Pendale,
Randvaal, Gauteng, South Africa.

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