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Breeding Program - Introduction

We are rearing our own potential Law enforcement dogs, we have through time and practical experience created our own view of what we see and find to be a very unique way of rearing a working dog in a kennel environment.

Through rearing and working with different breeds we must also mention that as you may know, each breed is different to another. It would seem almost logical, as each breed was intentionally bred for a specific purpose. Each breed is so different that there is no choice but to treat them differently.

Whatever is done with the puppy, there is no set system of doing it that is because no two puppies or dogs are the same. What you do and how you do it will be applied differently to each dog, it all depends on how well you know them and if you have the natural ability to "read" their behaviour.

Negative experiences during the socialising period will have an effect on mutual trust between the animal and the other animals or humans. Young animals which have a variety of positive influences during this time are better equipped than animals that grow up in a closed environment. A lack of socialisation may lead to behavioural problems such as aggression or fear.


Our Choice of Parents

What are the most important qualities we look for in our dogs? The ideal parents to fulfil our requirements are those who are not only still acceptable in the show-ring, but also carry our desired genetically inherited working traits.



  • Good colour and pigmentation.
  • Ears that stand erect and are standard size for the breed Co"ect size according to breed standards.
  • Hip Dysplasia free.


The ideal temperament for us:

  • Highly adaptable, and courageous
  • Outgoing, stable
  • Hardness of nerve and good intra- species relationships
  • Excessive drive, hunting and herding instinct


The New Arrivals

The mom plays an important part in the lives of the pups. They now enter into a phase called Post Natal behaviour - this is divided into 6 stages.

Another important stage is Imprinting - if the puppy does not learn certain behaviours, his adult life is influenced. The bond between the mom and her puppies is also very important.

We do not believe it is our place or right to constantly interfere in a perfectly natural and normal part of life. We prefer to keep our distance but do check that all is going well with the mom and her new pups. We keep a constant eye on possible complications with the dam ~ milk supply and ensure she has enough to keep all the puppies satisfied.

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