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One of our objectives is to create a business that is profitable and does not purely create wealth for individuals but instead encourages enterprise and the development of all performers. Since opening our doors, our first priority effective service that enhances peace of mind.

The concept of operations is based on an integrated approach by proactively protecting the client’s personnel and assets as well as the clientele within a specific area at the Clients premises with the objective of identifying elements in the vicinity, confronting such elements and deflecting them from the premises

This is done by:

Implementing a system of decentralised self deployment based on clustering. Flexibility in the assessment of the situation and mobility in the deployment of resources.

The utilisation of top quality service animals on sites if so required. The additional site specific training of all Security Officers supplied, and the daily visitation, inspection and motivation of Security Officers on site by a dedicated team of Supervisory staff

We commit ourselves to adding value to our clients business, internal as well as external. We believe that ongoing training and development of personnel is a long – term investment. It creates depth and prepares our existing personnel for future challenges.

Trained and knowledgeable Security Officers are of paramount importance, thus ensuring that both the client and the company benefit from a professional service.


Is achieved through establishing a culture and a philosophy that will include the following values: Commitment, Integrity, Accountability, Transparency and participation We provide access to a high quality, relevant, and efficient training, within the National Qualifications Framework, for all learners, towards nationally recognised qualifications. We strive to meet or exceed our client’s expectations by continuously improving our processes and education and training courses.

The result of training personnel in skills is done in such a manner to ensure longevity of the end product of the learner.

Client’s benefit from a workforce that is competent in the skills and attitudes required in the competitive global environment. Continuation training is just as important, if not more, than the other phases mentioned.


Maintain complete integrity in all our actions. Driven by the aspiration of or people, we will respect and uphold the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa
We commit ourselves to the code of conduct of PSIRA and SASSETA.
Work in partnership with our clients to enhance their respect and loyalty.
Maintain a participatory environment for our staff and provide a system in which they can excel.
Help our staff achieve their full potential through continuous education, training and recognition of exemplary performance. Make data-driven decisions that will maximize our opportunities for success.
Maintain a passion for continuous improvement and continuously improve our processes, education and training courses and services.


We ensure the wellbeing of our service animals by currently implementing the following:

• A fully functional Veterinary clinic is utilised on a daily bases to ensure the overall wellbeing of our service animals.
• A K9 Manager foresees the general hygiene of all service animals on a daily basis and operates on a 24-hour standby base.
• We have specific contracted Veterinary Doctors in all centres where our dogs are kennelled.
• A-Grade veterinarian approved nutritional diet is implemented which include Royal Canine feed.
• Entire component of service animals are certified with Grade hip grading.
• All kennels are approved and inspected on a yearly basis by the S. P. C. A and Animal Anti Cruelty League.
• Our Training and K9 Services personnel have reputable track records and are considered experts in the field of Dogs.
• Our kennels, kennel management programmes and processes have been scrutinised and approved by the S. P. C. A and the A. A. C. L
• Service animals are only deployed in environmentally friendly environments.
• All K9 carrying vehicles have been specifically modified for that purpose with the comfort of the K9 being priority.
• All our K9’s are recorded and licensed in terms of the requirements of the Performing Animals Act of 1935
• We have our own breeding program to sustain our need for working dogs.
• Service animals are utilized to supplement Static Security Officers, Reaction Units P and Tactical Support Units capability to deflect potential perpetrators of crime, secures assets in emergency situations and also assists with crowd management and substance detection
• Service animals are trained in house to exacting Client requirements ensuring maximum utilisation of the combination of dog and handler and creating an operational “team”.
• All service animals are trained to react to aggression and therefore they are target specific. Continuous re-training of service animals is considered priority thus ensuring that prescribed standards are met.
• Afri Guard Security service animals are considered as one of our greatest assets. All necessary safety measures are taken in transporting our dogs safely from branches to service sites. The following measures are taken with the safety of personnel and service animal in mind:
• All vehicles are inspected and any faults reported directly to the Fleet co-ordinator daily by Supervisors and Managers.
• All trailers are inspected and any faults reported directly to the Fleet co-ordinator daily by Supervisors and Managers.
• A Fleet co-ordinator ensures all fleet vehicles are faultless, safe and in good operating order.
• Vehicles are monitored 24 hours by a reputable tracking service provider to ensure all road regulations are abided by.
• All vehicles are branded with our national contact number, Head – Office contact numbers and warning signs to enlighten the public there are canines aboard.
• These vehicles are also well illuminated to make them visible to other road users at night.
• Training and development of personnel is such that career planning and international articulation of qualifications is a reality. In order to achieve this, all training is benchmarked against the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) standards and accreditation, and our quality management is in line with international trends.
• Training is outcomes based which implies that the final analysis is based upon an ability by the learner to demonstrate applied competence of a given task and or skill. All our service animals and handlers are trained against the South African Qualification Authority Unit Standards.



Legal Aspects
Self defence
Weapon retention
Vocal confrontation
Street wise


Day & Night techniques
Building approach & penetration
Intervention techniques
Search techniques
Lifts, Escalators & Stairs
Danger zones
Cover & Concealment
Tactical Movement
Vehicle debus & emboss
Hand signals

TACTICAL USE OF A BATON (Dangerous Weapons Act)

Legal Aspects
Defensive & Offensive techniques
Arrest techniques
Restraint techniques


Legal Aspects


Physical fitness
PT with gear, kit & equipment
PT with K9

EDGED WEAPONS SKILLS (Dangerous Weapons Act)

Legal Aspects
Defensive & Offensive techniques
Counter attack
Surviving Edged Weapons

PEPPER SPRAY (Dangerous Weapons Act)

Legal Aspects
Crowd Control
Counter measures


Legal Aspects
Hand grenade identification
Defensive techniques
IA Drills


Commercial / Military
Disaster & Incident Management
IA Drills

SWAT / MOUT TRAINING (Specialized)

Legal Aspects
American / Israeli
PSD Team
Urban & Rural


Legal Aspects
Basic equipment
Preliminary & Elementary techniques


Legal Aspects
Basic equipment
Contamination & Aids awareness


Legal Aspects
Basic equipment
Advance equipment
Risk Assessment / Threat Analysis
Advanced Driving
Armed / Unarmed
Single / Team
Corporate / Celebrity

INTEL (Specialized)

Legal Aspects
Basic equipment
Advance equipment
Surveillance / Counter-surveillance
Single / Team
Planning & Report


Office related
Client related
HOS related


Rules & Regulations
Disciplinary Code
Specifics & Requirements

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