Afri Guard is a leader in creating customised security solutions that exactly suit the individual requirements of our wide range of clients. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of security, from A to Z.

Our security staff has received specialised training to provide our clients with the best possible service. Every member of our security team is carefully chosen and diligently vetted to thrive in complex and challenging environments. They have everything they need to manage in difficult and isolated environments.

Our journey begins with a team doing an in-depth risk assessment and producing a comprehensive report. This report is the basis for developing a security solution that is especially suitable for your requirements. Afri Guard, a national company that is proudly South African, has a favourable BBBEE rating and complies with all Health and Safety regulations and ISO standards.

Our Commercial Guarding Service offers specialised security solutions designed to protect commercial sectors and industrial sites, ensuring the safety of your business facilities and valuable assets through meticulous attention and expert vigilance.

We offer a wide range of security solutions that encompass everything from closeprotection services to safeguarding venues, ensuring top-tier protection and peace of mind for a variety of needs.

The Event Management Division of Afri Guard provides an all-inclusive security solution for events of all sizes and types. We promise seamless event experiences thanks to our focused expertise in project management and event security. Our committed event control managers assist customers in employing the right number of qualified individuals in the right positions for efficient crowd control and logistical assistance.Our enviable reputation is built upon a history of providing top-tier management,sending out highly qualified security personnel, crowd control teams, and close protection agents to guarantee the utmost safety and excellence at every event. Our event security services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Artist security
  • Security drivers
  • Car park security
  • Location security
  • VIP protection
  • Reaction units
  • Stewards/Doormen
  • Human barriers
  • Crowd management officers
  • Access control

We provide a dedicated and all-encompassing approach to protecting residential communities and academic campuses with our Specialist Estate and Campus Security services. Our highly trained security staff are equipped to establish a safe atmosphere that is specific to each location’s requirements.

To protect the security and well-being of residents, students, and staff, we employ cutting-edge security methods like access control, surveillance, and proactive threat assessment. We offer protection and peace of mind in these dynamic and varied circumstances by putting an emphasis on accuracy, alertness, and proactive risk management. We also specialise in various Access Control Services. For more information, please visit the Security Systems and Products page.

Our unique internal incentive programmes, which keep our officers highly engaged and highly motivated, are something we take great pride in at Afri Guard. They approach each assignment with a sense of personal responsibility and treat it as though their own lives and possessions are on the line in order to produce a successful outcome as a result of their degree of devotion. Every officer’s performance is continuously monitored by our watchful supervisors, whoalso occasionally replace tactically underperforming officers with others more closely matched with the demands of our clients.