K9 Services

Our highly-trained canine teams are not just security assets; they’re trusted companions dedicated to ensuring your safety. With an acute sense of detection and unwavering loyalty, our K9 partners excel in various security scenarios, from perimeter patrols to crowd control.

Backed by expert handlers, these teams undergo rigorous training to provide a seamless blend of obedience, responsiveness, and vigilant protection. Whether you require assistance in safeguarding your premises or enhancing event security, our K9 services stand ready to meet your every security need.

Our seasoned management, supervisory, and training teams lead the industry in scent detection, protection, and patrol dog disciplines.

Our dedicated canine teams uphold rigorous training standards, consistently surpassing benchmarks through evaluation and continuous learning.

We excel in Scent Detection, Tracking, Protection, and Security teams, offering trained dogs and comprehensive training in these areas.

Introducing AfriGear – K9, a tactical product range encompassing essential canine equipment for both operational and training contexts.

Meeting South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations, our explosive detection dog teams now serve the aviation sector.

We source top-tier Belgian Malinois, Dutch Herders, and German Shepherds from Germany and the Czech Republic, chosen for their exceptional drive.

Prioritising the welfare of our dogs, we employ humane training methods and strictly adhere to NSPCA requirements and bylaws.

Our staff brings a wealth of international and national operational experience, many having served as DOD and UN contractors in security-related canine disciplines.

Equestrian Services

Cable theft remains a pressing issue in South Africa, posing significant challenges to our infrastructure and disrupting essential services. The theft of copper, fibre-optic, and other valuable cables not only leads to financial losses but also jeopardises communication networks, public transportation, and power supply systems. The impact is far-reaching, affecting businesses, communities, and individuals alike.

Our equestrian services provide a unique and effective solution to combat cable theft and ensure enhanced security.

Our skilled equestrian professionals combine their deep understanding of horses with specialised security expertise to offer a truly unique safeguarding experience. Our team brings an air of authority and visibility to any security operation.

Criminals often take advantage of power outages and loadshedding because they know that security systems may be vulnerable during these times. Having an uninterrupted power supply for your alarm system ensures that it continues to function seamlessly, offering continuous protection against intruders.

Our equestrian division boasts a track record of success in various areas, including:

  • Protecting cable and rail networks in rural areas.
  • Patrolling Golf estates for enhanced security.
  • Crowd management at special events to ensure safety and order.
  • Conducting anti-poaching follow-up operations with agility.
  • Patrolling expansive parking areas for comprehensive surveillance.
  • And more.

Afri Guard holds an esteemed position in the industry, renowned for effectively utilising equines as force multipliers.

Mounted officers offer distinctive advantages:

  • Intimidating Presence: A rider and horse command respect and authority, particularly in crowd control situations.
  • Engaging and Admired: Equine officers are approachable and admired, fostering positive interactions with the public.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Mounted officers enjoy superior mobility over those on foot.
  • Environmental and Quiet: Horses provide an environmentally friendly and discreet patrolling solution.

Contact us today to explore how Afri Guard can redefine security for you.