Escorting, Transportation and Aerial Support of High-Value Goods

One of our specialities at Afri Guard is our escorting, transportation, and aerial support services for priceless cargo. Our knowledgeable crew is dedicated to ensuring that your items are transported safely and without any difficulties.

Whether it’s airborne support or overland transportation, we apply cutting-edge security procedures and techniques to lessen risks and safeguard your goods. Our comprehensive approach entails careful planning, top-notch tracking equipment, and a commitment to offering protection that is unparalleled. Our team at Afri Guard is dedicated to professionalism, precision, and safeguarding your most valuable goods.

Security Risk Assessments

Afri Guard’s trained professionals specialise in analysing and evaluating potentialthreats to your business, property, or event. We carry out detailed audits that pinpoint weaknesses, enabling us to create specialised security plans. We equip you to make the right decisions to reduce risks by combining technology, expertise, and insight. Our goal at Afri Guard is to thoroughly understand potential security issues so you can proactively safeguard what’s important to you.

Health and Safety Assessments

Our health and safety assessments comprise a systematic analysis of settings, practices, and procedures to spot any threats to people’s health. Implementing measures that guard against accidents, guarantee employee well-being, and uphold legal requirements, these assessments seek to establish a secure and legal environment. Our team specialises in reviewing your surroundings, business processes, and protocols to ensure the maximum well-being of your employees and assets.

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