Training Centre

The Afri Guard Training Centre offers a wide variety of in-depth training programmes and is approved by reputable organisations such as SASSETA, PSIRA, PFTC, and more.

Our training facility offers instruction in a wide range of subjects, including canine, equestrian, and firearms, as well as physical conditioning and discipline as well as in-depth knowledge and skill gain.

All trainees can maintain the highest safety standards thanks to regular refresher courses that emphasise security and firearm proficiency as well as driver assessment.

Our training centre is fully accredited by the following bodies:

  • SASSETA registration (Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority)
  • PRiSA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority)
  • PFTC (The Professional Firearms Trainers Council)
  • National Key Point training provider

Our facility primarily offers the following:

  • Security Grades E, D, C, B and A

GRADE – E | Basics of Security

GRADE – D | Basics of Safety and Access Control

GRADE – C | Basics of Health & Safety and Proper Patrolling

GRADE – B | Basics of Supervision & Control

GRADE – A | Basics of Management & PSIRA Regulations

  • Firearm Competency Training
  • Service Animal Training
  • Tactical and Riot Training

Our training covers the following areas:

  • Physical training
  • Drilling and discipline
  • Equip learners with knowledge and skills
  • Learnerships
  • Firearm training
  • Equestrian training
  • Canine training
  • Refresher training (security and firearm-related)
  • Driver evaluation

Both new and existing employees are required to participate in annual refresher training sessions on firearms, in accordance with the competency level of each individual, ensuring that safety standards are upheld consistently.